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Plaintext update_sm loader for 3.71 - 3.72 based on decsec-ldr

This tool will make lv0 load plaintext "ux0:data/update_sm.bin" instead of "os0:sm/update_sm.self".


  1. Download and install the VPK
  2. Put decrypted update_sm elf in "ux0:data/update_sm.bin"
  3. Run the app, it should say "module loaded"
    • If it hangs or crashes you will need to reboot by holding the POWER button


  • Framework injection reliability: 80%
  • Framework stability: 90%
  • Before performing dangerous operations such as downgrading please make sure that the framework is stable (i.e by running the settings and welcome park apps)


  • Team Molecule for their crypto processor exploit and initial spoonfeeding help on discord.
  • Mathieulh and d3s for their useful ideas.
  • All the testers @henkaku & vita hacking discord servers
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