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Yet another (re)mount tool kernel plugin for PS Vita/PS TV

Requires enso, compatible ONLY with firmware 3.60 and 3.65.


  • Ability to remount all partitions
  • Clean sd2vita patch system
  • No boot delays as found in i.e gamecard-microsd
  • Basic & noob-friendly gui manager included.


  1. Remove the previous driver, if you had yamt - remove it with the NEW installer.
  2. Install the vpk
  3. Open the app, choose the option that suits you.
    • Lite version is intended for normal users, it provides basic mounting and format options.
    • Full version is recommended for advanced users, it packs all the important storage managing tools.
  4. Reboot, you should be able to access a new menu under the "Devices" tab in the System Settings app.

Usage [basic]

I think that the basic usage is pretty straightforward, just use the menu in Settings->Devices->Storage Devices.

Usage [advanced]

  • You can remount every partition with yamt.
  • Developer options in driver settings provide some useful storage functions like formatting.
  • In the 'Custom partitions" tab you have all the partitions listed excluding pseudo partitions like lma0.
  • You can edit the assignements of the listed partitions, take a look at
    • i.e if you set sa0 to [ext; act; entire] it will bind sa0 to the sd2vita's main partition at boot.


  • You can uninstall YAMT via the provided installler.

Manual Installation

  1. Add yamt.skprx to enso's boot_config.txt
  2. Add yamt.suprx to tai config.txt under *NPXS10015
  3. Add yamt_helper.skprx to tai config.txt under *KERNEL


  • To compile simply run ".".
  • You can format the SD/USB to TexFAT from the developer options menu in the driver settings tab.
  • If the USB/PSVSD mount fails, setting legacy mode in driver settings may help.
  • Before updating from a beta release, use enso's "fix boot configuration".
  • The project is still WIP, report all bugs.


  • TheOfficialFlow, xyz for their work on vitashell/gamesd
  • Team Molecule for enso and henkaku