Rebooting ggplot2 for scalable big data visualization
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ggplot2.SparkR is an R package for scalable visualization of big data represented in Spark DataFrame. It is an extension to the original ggplot2 package and can seamlessly handle both R data.frame and Spark DataFrame with no modifications to the original API.

ggplot2.SparkR requires no additional training for existing R users who are already familiar with ggplot2 and allows them to benefit from powerful distributed processing capabilities of Spark for efficient visualization of big data.

Until now, 6 graph types (bar, bin2d, boxplot, freqpoly, histogram, stat-sum graphs) and 15 options are supported. We plans to further extend it in the future.

Find out more at


Get the development version from github:

# install.packages("devtools")

Mailing list

Your are welcome to ask ggplot2.SparkR questions or bugs on ggplot2.SparkR or send an email to Anyone can read the archived discussion that you post messages.

Other Resources

  • ggplot2: Plotting system for R by Hadley Wickham
  • Apache Spark: Large-scale data processing engine.