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Advice to contestants

Hackathons are a lot like marathons. People go to marathons for many different reasons. Some people go because they want to compete at a high level. But most of us take part because we want to improve ourselves, make friends, and have fun.

As most hackers go to hackathons primarily for learning and meeting friends, the competition aspect should be fun, friendly, and promote learning. To make sure you foster a fun and cooperative environment, rather than an overly competitive one, you should be open to helping others in chat or asking for help. People are excited to attend this event because it will be a great environment for learning, networking, and making friends, with prizes as an added bonus.

Since projects are voted upon by other teams you may want to describe bits of your work in the chat as the hackathon progresses so people have some understanding of what you are trying to accomplish and are more likely to vote for your project. Also, it makes more sense to publish to your teams GitHub repository more often than not to show how the project evolves.

Recommended Reading

Recommended Tools

  • slpjs -- javascript library for slp
  • badger wallet / web3 -- simple in-browser scriptable slp wallet
  • electron cash slp edition -- full featured slp wallet
  • slpdb -- query wide range of slp token data using mongo
  • slpsocket -- query latest slp transactions using mongo subset
  • slp-sdk -- wrapped bitbox & slpjs sdk for slp development
  • bitdb -- query blockchain using mongodb
  • bitsocket -- query incoming transactions and blocks using mongo subset
  • bch-cli-wallet -- Command line BCH wallet development tool
  • bitbox -- javascript framework for bch
  • bitcoinfiles -- protocol for putting files on blockchain
  • cashscript -- Easily write and interact with cash contracts on Bitcoin Cash
  • spedn -- smart contract programming language
  • bchd -- Full node for Bitcoin Cash Developers
  • slp-list -- Lists SLP token holders and balances for any blockchain height.
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