A central hub that receives log messages from all logup-emitters in an application.
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LogUp Hub

One logger to rule them all

This package is a central hub that receives log messages from all logup-emitters beneath it in the module tree. Use this hub in your application if you need to configure log output from libraries that use logup-emitter.

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About LogUp

LogUp is a simple yet powerful logging system that decouples logging from configuration. Library packages use logup-emitter to write their logs, without needing to know where the log output is sent. Applications can then use logup-hub to configure the log output and decides what gets sent where.

For more information about how LogUp works, see the emitter documentation.

Configuring hub output

A LogUp hub has a collection of transports that deliver logged messages to various endpoints. These transports are configured as a set of layers that can handle or modify each message.

Layers are typically configured using a JSON array of layer configuration objects.

For example:

    { "type": "console",
      "minLevel": "warn"
    { "type": "file",
      "package": "socket.io",
      "minLevel": "trace",
      "filename": "socket.io-trace.log"
    { "type": "file",
      "source-filename": "/utils\.js$",
      "minLevel": "trace",
      "filename": "util junk.log",
      "stopPropagation": "true"
    { "type": "file",
      "packages": "socket.io: info, mysql: warn, stripe: trace, oauth: error",
      "filename": "interesting events.log"
    { "type": "filter",
      "package-author": "SLaks",
      "minLevel": "trace",
      "layers": [
          { "type": "file",
          { "type": "email",
            "minLevel": "error",

All layers can have filtering options applied; these will limit that layer to only receive messages from sources that match the filter.

To apply filtering to multiple layers, use a "type": "filter" layer, which can contain one or more child layers and will only send messages to its child layers if they meet the parent filter.