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Upload Picture direct From Clipboard for Mediawiki
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The ClipUpload extension allows to upload files directly from your clipboard. Currently Google Chrome is the only supported browser.


  1. Download the extension.
  2. Extract the files in a directory called ClipUpload in your extensions/ folder.
  3. Add require_once "$IP/extensions/ClipUpload/ClipUpload.php"; to your "LocalSettings.php" file.
  4. Configure this extension as needed by adding the parameters to your "LocalSettings.php" file (see the configuration section).
  5. Verify the installation on "Special:Version".


This extension provides three parameters available for configuration:

  • $wgClipUP_Comment
    Allows to set a standard text added to the files description upon uploading a file.
    Standard value is This file was uploaded from the clipboard ([[Category:Clipboard upload]]).

  • $wgClipUP_MaxFileSize
    Allows to set the maximum size in KB for files uploadable by this extension.
    Standard value is 500

  • $wgClipUP_CheckSameFileSize
    Allows to check if the size of a file is the same as for the previously uploaded file.
    Standard value is false


  • Currently Google Chrome is the only supported browser.
  • Tested an working with MW 1.20.x and MW 1.21.x


Thanks go to

  • Martin Schwindl, who made the great upload extension MsUpload
  • rickyb98 for his help testing it a lot!
  • Karsten Hoffmeyer for improving the documentation
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