Turn-based strategy game with environmental gameplay mechanics
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Epicinium is a turn-based strategy game with environmental gameplay mechanics.

A city under attack.

During the day, players give orders and watch their units execute them. At night, cities grow depending on the number of grasslands and forests surrounding them. Building industry provides more income and allows for the production of tanks, but industry rapidly increases global warming to ludicrous levels. At the end of the game, the winner is scored for whatever's left of the world at that point.

When global warming reaches critical levels, Firestorm ravages tiles and units alike. A Sapper unit destroys the last enemy City tile. All the Grass and Forest tiles are scored.

Epicinium is being developed for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Closed Beta

Epicinium is currently in closed beta. The beta version offers a work-in-progress look at the multiplayer portion of the game. Join our Discord community to follow its progress, find other players and have a chat with the developers. If you just want to be kept up-to-date with the latest developments around Epicinium, you can subscribe to our mailing list over on the Epicinium website.


New to Epicinium? There are several resources available to get started. You can play the in-game tutorial, watch the introduction video or ask other community members on Discord. We also have a wiki with an in-depth exposition of all the mechanics and units in the game.


Epicinium is being developed by A Bunch of Hacks, a gamedev cooperative consisting of Sander in 't Veld and Daan Mulder. Have questions? We'd love to hear from you on Twitter or at info@epicinium.com. Or join our community on Discord!