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An open source app supporting you with learning new languages in e.g. a language course.
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App Components:


  • select training parameters like:
    • amount of words
    • Lesson
    • KnowledgeLevel of words to train
  • start the training for the currently selected language


  • Manages the Library for the currently selected language
  • swipe to delete entries
  • click to update
  • FAB to add new words
  • add/update words:
  • foreign word
  • native word
  • knowledge Level


  • Manages the Lessons for the currently selected language
  • swipe to delete entries
  • click to update
  • FAB to add new lessons
  • add/update lessons:
  • Lesson name
  • Lesson description
  • mapping of words to lesson (words can be in multiple lessons)


  • Displays overview over word count for current language by knowledge level
  • Displays trainging activity over last 14 days for all languages


  • Manage languages:
  • select
  • add new
  • delete
  • Set the default knowledge Level for new words.


  • Different motivational output depending on when the last training was
  • Proposes lesson to train (worst lesson for selected language)
  • click on widget starts CuLa

Disable dummy prefil:

  • For testing purposes the Room Database is prefilled with some entries for the different tables.
  • To disable that:
  • open (in package and comment out the following line in the constructor:
  • setDebugState();
  • Afterwards the App is setup without any prefils.
  • only enabled for debug version, release version should ship without dummy prefill

google services used:

  • room database for persistence
  • firebase crashlytics to get error reports on critical crashes
  • firebase analytics to analyze defaults + starting/finishing of training sessions

Setup firebase:

  • create a new firebase project:
  • enable crashlytics:
    • in the firebase console of the project click on Crashlytics
    • should directly work after starting the app once
  • configure google analytics keys in the firebase console:

Initial Design can be found here (some parts are not implemented yet, some are additional):

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