SuperMario64 Technical Run-time Observer and Object Processor
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SuperMario64 Technical Runtime Observer and Object Processor

STROOP is a diagnostic tool for Super Mario 64 which displays and allows for simple editing of various game values and information. It can connect to a running emulator and update values in real time. Some core features include views of loaded/unloaded objects, Mario structure variables, camera + HUD values, an overhead map display, and many more.

(...I finally rewrote this description... later - Dane)

Downloading Stroop

The latest release of Stroop can be downloaded from our Releases Page. From here .zip files of recent builds can be found. The files can then be extracted and Stroop.exe can be started.

Latest development builds with the newest features, bug fixes (...I mean bug introductions) can be found on the continuous Development Release. Likewise, Stroop.exe can be started.


As if the current build, Stroop has the following system requirements:

  • Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 64-bit or 32-bit
  • OpenGL 3.0 or greater (3.0 requirement for map tab, 1.0 requirement for model tab only)
  • .NET Framework 4.7 (See .NET Framework System Requirements for more information)
  • Mupen 0.5 rerecording (0.5.1 will not work) (Bizhawk + Nemu partially supported on Development branch)
  • 64 Marios (Must be super)
  • Marios must be American, Japanese or PAL


Stroop is currently under a development phase, however, pre-releases have been made.



  • Visual Studio (2017 recommended)
  • OpenTK 1.1 (Version 1.1.1589.5942 used, others may work)

Before building Stroop, OpenTK is a prerequisite. This is easiest installed by using the NuGet package manager. Stroop can be easily built from the source code by opening up the solution file in Visual Studio and performing a build.