Windows GUI for Interface 1 Bis LDC32
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Windows GUI for ZX Spectrum Interface 1 Bis LDC32

LDC32_GUI.exe is a complement to LDC32.exe written by Dan Antohi for Interface 1 Bis.

I initiated this project because I had a hard time remembering the command line options for the various SD card operations that can be done using LDC32.exe.

The executable must be placed in the same folder as LDC32.exe on your computer. When it first launches it will create two directories, init and dump

The init folder is used when initializing (Initialize SD) a new SD card The dump folder is used when dumping (SD -> Image) the SD card contents to your computer.

Select your SD card from the list of drives shown. Normally the SD card is S: since that´s set when installing Dan Antohis software.

For initializing the SD card there´s no need for entering any LD number, nor for the dumping of SD card contents.

We must however enter an LD number when using the Folder -> SD operation.

For more in depth documentation about LDC32.exe and it´s functions see Dan Antohis website: