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NXLog autoconfig is a framework for automatically managing and configuring the NXLog agent. It is designed as a functional proof of concept to automatically enable and configure logging on production systems.

To use this you will need a web server such as apache that you place all the files on. Then with group policy create a scheduled task to run nxlog_master.ps1 once a day preferrably after hours.

Currently the binaries and installer folder are empty due to Microsoft not allowing redistribution of their free binaries. I will be creating scripts in the future that can be ran to perform the initial setup.

You will need to find and download the following files into the binaries folder:

autorunsc.exe dnscmd.exe iis7psprov_x64.msi iis7psprov_x86.msi sha1deep.exe sha1deep64.exe Sysmon.exe sysmon.xml

You will also need to download the latest edition of NXLog CE and place it into installers