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Contains dockerfile to build as an image


This docker image runs This is a python service that is designed to perform mass domain analysis. It can do things such as find the creation_date of a domain and identify if a domain is a member of the Alexa/Cisco Umbrella top 1 million sites.

It was developed to be used in conjunction with a SIEM and is in production environments. Specifically, it has been used in conjunction with the Elastic Stack, such as queried by Logstash, with large success.

To run the docker image

sudo docker run -d --name container_name_goes_here -p 20000:20000 lightforge/domain_stats

Updating Top-1m file

The docker image does not currently automatically update the top-1m.csv. The below example shows how to download a new top 1 million site list and have a domain_stats container use it. This could be scheduled as a cron job on your host to keep a current Alexa/Cisco Umbrella top-1m.csv in use.

wget -q; unzip;
sudo docker cp top-1m.csv container_name_goes_here:/opt/domain_stats/top-1m.csv
sudo docker restart so-domainstats

Caution - SIEM Use

Keep in mind that doing domain information lookups can add around a half second to log ingestion per log. This is an extreme penalty but is offset by's caching capabilities. For example, perfomring a creation_date lookup on a single domain such as would take approximately a half second for the initial log but additional lookups would be near instantanious.

One recommended way to minimize cache use is to only perform WHOIS lookups if a domain is not a top 1 million site. The Logstash code to do this is below:

# This example requires the community Logstash plugin logstash-filter-tld
# It breaks down a domain such as into things such as
# highest_registered_domain =
# top_level_domain = com
# subdomain = www

filter {
  if [type] == "dns" {
    # Assumes the domain is in the query field from a DNS log
    tld {
      source => "query"
    # Rename fields from the tld filter plugin
    mutate {
      rename => { "[SubLog][sessionid]" => "sub_session_id" }
      rename => { "[tld][domain]" => "highest_registered_domain" }
      rename => { "[tld][trd]" => "subdomain" }
      rename => { "[tld][tld]" => "top_level_domain" }
      rename => { "[tld][sld]" => "parent_domain" }
    if [highest_registered_domain] {
      # Check if domain is a member of the Alexa/Cisco Umbrella top 1 million sites
      rest {
        request => {
          url => "http://localhost:20000/alexa/%{highest_registered_domain}"
        sprintf => true
        json => false
        target => "site"
      # If site value is 0 it is not a top 1 million site, if it is above 1 it is
      if [site] != "0" and [site] {
        mutate {
          add_tag => [ "top-1m" ]
          remove_field => [ "site" ]
    if "alexa" not in [tags] and [query] !~ "\.internal\.domain$" and [highest_registered_domain] and [highest_registered_domain] != "" {
      # Site is not a top 1 million site and not the internal domain so lookup the creation date of the domain
      rest {
        request => {
          url => "http://localhost:20000/domain/creation_date/%{highest_registered_domain}"
        sprintf => true
        json => false
        target => "creation_date"
      if [creation_date] and [creation_date] !~ "No whois record"{
        date {
          match => [ "creation_date", "YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss'; '",
                                      "YYYY-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZ'; '",
                                      "YYYY-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'.00Z; '" ]
          target => "creation_date"


Contains dockerfile to build as an image




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