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Classes, subscribers and functions for dealing with index management
from cheeseprism import event
from cheeseprism.desc import template
from cheeseprism.desc import updict
from functools import partial
from path import path
from pyramid import threadlocal
from import ApplicationCreated
from import subscriber
import jinja2
import json
import logging
import pkginfo
import re
import threading
import time
import traceback
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class IndexManager(object):
Manages the static file index
root_index_file = 'index.html'
EXTS = re.compile(r'^.*(?P<ext>\.egg|\.gz|\.bz2|\.tgz|\.zip)$')
leaf_name = 'leaf.html'
home_name = 'index.html'
def_index_title = 'CheesePrism'
leaf_data = updict()
index_data = updict(title=def_index_title,
description="Welcome to the CheesePrism")
datafile_name = "index.json"
index_data_lock = threading.Lock()
leaf_template = template('leaf.html')
home_template = template('home.html')
def __init__(self, index_path, template_env=None, arch_baseurl='/index/', urlbase='',
index_data={}, leaf_data={}, error_folder='_errors'):
self.urlbase = urlbase
self.arch_baseurl = arch_baseurl
self.template_env = template_env
if not self.template_env:
self.template_env = self.default_env_factory('')
self.index_data = index_data.copy()
self.leaf_data = leaf_data.copy()
self.path = path(index_path)
self.datafile_path = self.path / self.datafile_name
if not self.path.exists():
self.error_folder = self.path / error_folder
self.move_on_error = partial(self.move_on_error, self.error_folder)
def from_settings(cls, settings):
file_root = path(settings['cheeseprism.file_root'])
if not file_root.exists():
urlbase = settings.get('cheeseprism.urlbase', '')
abu = settings.get('cheeseprism.archive.urlbase', '..')
return cls(settings['cheeseprism.file_root'],
def move_on_error(error_folder, exc, path):
def default_env_factory(self):
return EnvFactory.from_str
def files(self):
return (x for x in self.path.files() if self.EXTS.match(x))
def projects_from_archives(self):
files = self.files
projects = {}
for item in files:
itempath = self.path / item
info = self.pkginfo_from_file(itempath)
projects.setdefault(, []).append((info, itempath))
return sorted(projects.items())
def regenerate_leaf(self, leafname):
files = self.path.files('%s-*.*' %leafname)
versions = ((self.pkginfo_from_file(self.path / item), item) for item in files)
return self.write_leaf(self.path / leafname, versions)
def regenerate_all(self):
items = self.projects_from_archives()
home_file = self.path / self.root_index_file
yield self.write_index_home(home_file, items)
yield [self.write_leaf(self.path / key, value) for key, value in items]
def write_index_home(self, home_file, items):'Write index home:%s', home_file)
data = self.index_data.copy()
data['packages'] = [dict(name=key, url=str(path(self.urlbase) / key )) \
for key, value in items]
return home_file
def write_leaf(self, leafdir, versions, indexhtml="index.html", indexjson="index.json"):
if not leafdir.exists():
leafhome = leafdir / indexhtml
leafjson = leafdir / indexjson
versions = list(versions)
title = "%s:%s" %(self.index_data['title'],
tversions = (self.leaf_values(, archive)\
for info, archive in versions)
text = self.leaf_template\
with self.index_data_lock: #@@ more granular locks
with open(leafjson, 'w') as jsonout:
leafdata = [dict(filename=str(,,
) for dist, fpath in versions]
json.dump(leafdata, jsonout)
leafhome.utime((time.time(), time.time()))
return leafhome
def leaf_values(self, leafname, archive):
url = str(path(self.arch_baseurl) /
return dict(url=url,
def extension_of(cls, path):
match = cls.EXTS.match(path)
if match:
return match.groupdict()['ext']
def pkginfo_from_file(cls, path, handle_error=None):
ext = cls.extension_of(path)
if ext is not None:
if ext in set(('.gz','.tgz', '.bz2', '.zip')):
return pkginfo.sdist.SDist(path)
elif ext == '.egg':
return pkginfo.bdist.BDist(path)
except Exception, e:
if handle_error is not None:
return handle_error(e, path)
raise RuntimeError("Unrecognized extension: %s" %path)
def data_from_path(datafile):
datafile = path(datafile)
if datafile.exists():
with open(datafile) as stream:
return json.load(stream)
logger.error("No datafile found for %s", datafile)
return {}
def write_datafile(self, **data):
with self.index_data_lock:
if self.datafile_path.exists():
newdata = data
with open(self.datafile_path) as root:
data = json.load(root)
with open(self.datafile_path, 'w') as root:
json.dump(data, root)
return data
def register_archive(self, arch, registry=None):
Adds an archive to the master data store (index.json)
pkgdata = self.arch_to_add_map(arch)
md5 = arch.read_md5().encode('hex')
return pkgdata, md5
def arch_to_add_map(self, arch):
start = time.time()
pkgi = self.pkginfo_from_file(arch, self.move_on_error)
if pkgi:
pkgdata = dict(,
return pkgdata
def update_data(self, datafile=None):
if datafile is None:
datafile = self.datafile_path
start = time.time()
with self.index_data_lock:
data = self.data_from_path(datafile)
new = []
for arch in self.files:
md5 = arch.read_md5().encode('hex')
if not arch.exists():
del data[md5]
if not md5 in data:
pkgdata = self.arch_to_add_map(arch)
if pkgdata:
data[md5] = pkgdata
pkgs = len(set(x['name'] for x in data.values()))"Inspected %s versions for %s packages" %(len(data), pkgs))
with open(datafile, 'w') as root:
json.dump(data, root)
elapsed = time.time() - start"Generate json representation of index in %s seconds" %elapsed)
return new
def rebuild_leaf(event):
def bulk_update_index(event):
new_pkgs = event.index.update_data(event.datafile)
return list(notify_packages_added(event.index, new_pkgs))
def notify_packages_added(index, new_pkgs, reg=None):
if reg is None:
reg = threadlocal.get_current_registry()
for data in new_pkgs:
yield reg.notify(event.PackageAdded(index,
def bulk_update_index_at_start(event):
reg =
settings = reg.settings
index = IndexManager.from_settings(settings)
new_pkgs = index.update_data()
pkg_added = list(notify_packages_added(index, new_pkgs, reg))
home_file = index.path / index.root_index_file
if not home_file.exists():
items = index.projects_from_archives()
index.write_index_home(home_file, items)
return pkg_added
class EnvFactory(object):
env_class = jinja2.Environment
def __init__(self, config):
self.config = config
def loaders(self):
if self.config:
loaders = self.config.split(' ')
for loader in loaders:
spec = loader.split(':')
if len(spec) == 1:
yield jinja2.FileSystemLoader(spec); continue
type_, spec = spec
if type_ == "file":
yield jinja2.FileSystemLoader(spec); continue
if type_ == 'pkg':
spec = spec.split('#')
if len(spec) == 1: yield jinja2.PackageLoader(spec[0])
else: yield jinja2.PackageLoader(*spec)
raise RuntimeError('Loader type not found: %s %s' %(type_, spec))
def from_str(cls, config=None):
factory = cls(config)
choices = [jinja2.PackageLoader('cheeseprism', 'templates/index')]
if config: [choices.insert(0, loader) for loader in factory.loaders]
return factory.env_class(loader=jinja2.ChoiceLoader(choices))