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This is a bunch of initial config. This will include a set of configs to be applied in the BSP.


  • 0.5.5a-jamsj - Big set of changes for SMILE software. Added 0.9.9 version of SMILE Teacher for Android, added new IQManager, improved stability of SMILE Student Web and SMILE Server for Node.js. 99 fixes and enhancements for SMILE Teacher, and 70 fixes and enhancements for SMILE Server
  • 0.5.4b - Release quality 1.0.x SMILE Plug Server (private beta release for GTI)
  • 0.5.4a - Finalize SMILE Plug Server 1.0.0 release candidate, remove 3rd party encumbrances, still some pre-alpha bugs (private alpha release for GTI)
  • 0.5.3b - Release additional SMILE software bug fixes (0.3.x)

Release Sources

Kernel and wifi sources:

The Non-public toolchain needed is listed under the "Generic SDK 5.0" on the extranet. Due to some incompatibilities with the WLAN driver and Kernel, we were unable to build with a publicly available toolchain. Please contact Marvell for access and to resolve build support issues. Folder location is: My Products > Embedded Processors > ARMADA 370 > Software > Old Versions > Generic SDK 5.0 > Little Endian

Current Release:

Previous Releases:

All items mentioned in this page are found in a single zip file TODO update this zip:

Clean and Configuration Guide

Use this doc to help you get your configuration set up and remove any SMILE software you don't need.

WiFi Conifguration Notes

The Wireless Module, AP-8764 has it's source code for the driver released under GPLv2 license (see above). The localation of the configuration tools man pages or detailed docs specific to the AP-8764 are proprietary and only available through the tools vendors. Because the tools are GPLv2, the sources for the tools should be published somewhere.

Here are some basic notes in GIST form to cover WPA2 configuration:

General Arch Linux Arm details on SMILE Plug release (NOTE, this is not current, as the Arch Linux ARM team has not yet officially posted a support link for this device yet):

Pacman Package Manifest

  • nodejs
  • openssl
  • make
  • unzip
  • gcc
  • sysstat (we just use sar)
  • python
  • python2-distribute
  • python2-pyopenssl
  • iperf
  • ntp (not openntpd)
  • udev-automount

pacman -S openssl gcc nodejs make

NPM Modules:

Other Non-NPM Node Software:

  • SMILE Server 1.0.4 (this holds pointers to all Android software used)
  • Plugmin Server 0.5.8


  • -> /root/spdist/dhcpd-pool-0.2/

General Config

  • Standard root password: root // XXX CHANGE ME
  • .bashrc in /root is used
  • set default root PATH to include ~/root/bin

Assigned Ports

  • 80 (SMILE and JS.js) - We really need to put all of this behind a reverse proxy
  • 8008 (TTY.js)
  • 8085 (forever-webui)
  • 9023 (NIDE)
  • 9695 (CCNx CCND Status)
  • 9700 (CCN4BNode Web UI)
  • 9080 (plugmin WS/Web UI)

Python Modules:

Additional Software:

Users & Groups:

Added for testing:

  • ntop
  • afps-fs (may consider adding this to above list)

Some manual commands to run in the configuration of a new BSP based on arch:

  • For UFW, open all connections from the associated networks for the administrative network and the default WIFI AP network # This generates the /usr/lib/ufw/user.conf commands used to store the rules ufw allow from ufw allow from
  • setup the timezone for America/Los_Angeles /etc/localtime -> /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Los_Angeles
  • Configure time: > ntpd -qg (Need to set up NTP at this point or else openssl won't work properly ) > hwclock -w

Firmware Releases Changelog

SMILE BSP 0.5.4a

  • rootfs: TBD
  • uImage (kernel): TBD
  • uBoot: TBD
  • ubifs rootfs.img: TBD

SMILE BSP 0.5.3 (TODO: Provide archive links)

  • rootfs: TBD
  • uImage (kernel): TBD
  • uBoot: TBD
  • ubifs rootfs.img: TBD

Arch Linux ARM Tips

  • Until we complete the migration to the mainline Arch Linux ARM community release (and more modern kernel), it is not recommended to attempt to run a complete upgrade
  • If you need to install packages from AUR, you minimally will want to run as root: pacman -Sy


  • 0.6.0 - Complete migration to mainlain Arch Linux ARM distro
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