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Lecture Slides and Materials

The lecture notes and materials are contained in each week's respective directory.

Each week we will provide:

  • HTML slides laid out in a 2D grid by topic
  • A PDF file of the slides for easy printing
  • The raw source of the files in an R Markdown (.Rmd) file
  • All of the R code executed to make the slides

To download any particular file:

  • Click on the file name
  • The contents of the file may be partially rendered in your web browser by GitHub
  • To download the file, right click the "Raw" box and choose "Download Linked File"
  • The file can then be found wherever your browser usually places downloaded files

To view the slides in HTML format:

  • Download the week's html file (e.g., week1.html) as described above
  • Or a direct link to the HTML slides for all weeks can be found on the course web page, Course Materials
  • Double click the html file, which will open it in your web browser
  • Press esc to see the 2D layout of the slides
    • The topics are along the top
    • The slides for each topic are below the main topic slide
  • Click on any slide to leave the slide deck 2D overview
  • To navigate the slides:
    • The left/right arrows move between topics
    • The up/down arrows move along slides within a topic
    • You can press the space bar to move linearly along the slides and avoid messing with the 2D layout
    • Pressing Shift-Space moves backwards in a linear fashion through the slides
  • You can press the F key to enter full screen mode but this may not work well on all browsers