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2022 001 Add value tau to MATH signature

Phil Clayton edited this page Jul 22, 2022 · 1 revision

Proposal 2022-001

Add value tau to MATH signature

Author: Phil Clayton
Last revised: July 22, 2022
Status: proposed
Discussion: issue #34


signature MATH

This proposal adds a value for the circle constant 𝜏 to the MATH signature.


val tau : real


  • val tau : real
    tau is the circle constant equal to 2.0 * pi, representing one whole turn (in radians).


The benefits of using the circle constant 𝜏 instead of 𝜋 are discussed at length in the Tau Manifesto. I find the arguments for 𝜏 compelling. Already the constant tau has been added to various other programming languages (Rust, Python, .NET).


Adding this value will not affect existing code.


The benefits of tau over pi will be available in SML.


  • [2022-07-11] Proposed

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