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Reversi Game

I developed this game in 2018 for advanced programming course final project after studying Java and OOP for only a few months and working with Android Studio for less than a month. Please keep that in mind if you want to read the source code. There might be problems or better ways to write some parts.

How to Install

You can clone this repository and build the APK file for yourself. You can build this project for Android 8.1 or later, it might even work for Android 6 or 7, but it hasn't been tested.

An easier way to install and play the game would be downloading the APK file from releases on GitHub.

How to Play

If you don't know Persian, here is a quick guide for playing the game. But if you want to learn how to play Reversi or you want to know more about this game, you can read about it on Wikipedia.

Reversi Game Screenshots

In the first screenshot, from the top, the first button is start, the second button is about us, which doesn't do anything, and the third button is exit which will close the game.

In the second screenshot, you should choose the game mode, and only one game mode is available. Choose the button which looks like two people handshaking.

In the third screenshot, you should enter the players' names; you can also see the color of their pieces.

In the fourth screenshot, you can play :D. You can see your move options with little green circles. You can also see who's turn is at the top and the current score at the bottom.

In the fifth screenshot, someone has won by the rules of the Reversi game. The right button will restart the game with the same players, and the left button will take you to the third screenshot, where you should enter players' names.