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Public CD of SMPTE ST 2067-40 2nd edition
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The Committee Draft of SMPTE ST 2067-40 2nd edition 35PM-CD-ST-2067-40-2ED.pdf is made available by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers for a public review period ending no earlier than June 15, 2020, and no later than March 18, 2021.

The following summarizes the proposed changes and additions from the first edition:

  • support is added for image and timed text essence that conform to the D-Cinema Distribution Master as specified in the SMPTE ST 428 family of documents (sub-clause 5.2 and 6.3);
  • the SMPTE labels identifying the image transfer characteristics supported by this document are modified (sub-clause;
  • constraints on the Composition timeline and contents are relaxed (clause 7); and
  • constraints on Display Mastering Metadata are clarified and relaxed (sub-clause

35PM-CD-ST-2067-40-2ED-diff-from-1ED.pdf contains a redline from the first edition of the document.

GitHub issues are preferred for discussion of this specification. Alternatively, comments can be sent to

This material is work under development and shall not be referred to as a SMPTE Standard, Recommended Practice, or Engineering Guideline. It is distributed for review and comment; distribution does not constitute publication.

Please see, and for important intellectual property information.

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