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The Model-Validation Track Post-Processor

The SMT Competition Model-Validation Track post-processor script takes as input

  1. a satisfiable SMT-LIB v2 problem that has a (set-option :produce-models true) command and exactly one (check-sat) command followed by one (get-model) command.

  2. the model returned by an SMT solver having the following structure:

         (define-fun  <var> () <type> <const>)

where <var> is the name of a bit-vector or boolean variable occurring in the original problem, <type> is the Boolean or bit-vector type of the variable and <const> is a constant value of the appropriate type.

The model validator uses pySMT to validate the model by substituting the model in the original formula and checking that is simplifies to True.

The validator will output VALID if the model is a full model that satisfies the input problem, and INVALID followed by the reason if the model validation did not succeed. It will output UNKNOWN if the input model is empty.


The script uses the pySMT pySMT version packaged in this repository (pysmt.tar.xz). To run use PYTHONPATH="pysmt" python2 See the pySMT documentation for more information about pySMT. [-h] --smt2 SMT2 --model MODEL

Alternatively (and on StarExec), you can use the provided wrapper script process.model-validation-track, which requires that the provided pySMT version is unpacked into the same directory as the script.

./process.model-validation-track SMT2 MODEL
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