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This text file documents the public web pages of the SMT-COMP web
site. Particularly it describes changes needed when creating a new set
of web pages for a new year.
Top-level organization
The top-level (in smtcomp-web) holds a directory for each year and a
set of utility files. The utility files are images and css files;
these do not change from year to year.
The files in a subdirectory for a given year are not changed after
that year's competition is complete. Rather, a new copy of the files
is created and appropriate edits are performed.
To create the web pages for a new year
1) Create the subdirectory for that year.
2) Change the link in smtcomp-web/index.html so that the new year is
the default.
3) Copy some of the files from the previous year. Start with
index.shtml, comment out links to material not (yet) available, and
copy the remaining included/linked files as needed.
4) Edit the files as detailed below.
5) Upload any new or modified files to the public web site. This
should be done using the tools/toSF script.
6) Commit all changes to the SVN repository.
It is a good idea to check the new web pages for broken links using a
tool such as
Description of necessary changes
acknowledgments.shtml (minor edits) - change date, organizers, and any
other competition details that are changing
benchmarks.shtml (major edits) - update in accordance with the latest
SMT-LIB benchmark release
call-for-comments.txt - edit as appropriate for the new call
docs.shtml - no year-dependent changes; new papers should be added as
they are published
index.shtml (major edits) - update the date and the organizers; the
page also includes news and other progress, so is likely updated
frequently throughout the time leading up to the competition (and
shortly after)
introduction.shtml - no year-dependent changes
navbar.html (minor edits) - some links may need to be commented out
until the corresponding material becomes available
participants.shtml (major edits) - update to the new list of
participants when it becomes available (i.e., after the first solver
submission deadline)
previous.shtml (minor edits) - add the previous year to the list of
previous year links
rulesXX.pdf - update as appropriate; change at least date, organizers,
and any other competition details that are changing. See the rules/
folder for the LaTeX source file(s).
smt-comp-postlude.shtml - no year-dependent changes
smt-comp-prelude.shtml (minor edits) - update authors as appropriate
smt-style.css (minor edits) - change certain colors (pick your
favorite color scheme); compare smt-style.css files from previous
years to see exactly where changes are needed
specs.shtml - no year-dependent changes; check with the operator of
the competition hardware and update if necessary
tools.shtml - no year-dependent changes; add entries as new
competition tools (or new versions of tools) are announced
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