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A logic and useability rewrite of the DayZChernarus Mission System
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[DZMS] DayZ Mission System

A Logic and Usability Rewrite of the DayZChernarus Mission System.

Current Version is v1.2

If you are interested in helping, please contact me on


  1. Download the Github Zip folder and open it with your unPacker of choice.

  2. Extract it to your Desktop or somewhere where you won't lose it. Inside the Zip is this Readme.MD, a folder called Documentation, and one called DZMS.

  3. Open your Server.PBO with the PBO unPacker of your choice.

  4. Put the "DZMS" folder into your Server.pbo.

  5. Open up your server_monitor.SQF in the system folder in your server.PBO.

    Search for this line

    allowConnection = true;

    And insert this line directly above it.
    [] ExecVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\DZMSInit.sqf";

    If you have DZAI or WickedAI Installed, the DZMS line should go under theirs.

  6. (Optional) Change the settings in DZMSConfig.SQF.

  7. (Optionally Optional) Adjust the files in the ExtConfig folder.

  8. Now just rePack your PBO and enjoy!

Current Developers

Thanks To

  • Halvhjearne - For Debugging and Code Modifications.
  • - For the knowledge I have today about Arma Coding.



All the code and information provided here is provided under a Commons License.

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