Clojure interface to Cassandra Cluster Manager allowing for arbitrary test clusters and easy integration testing.
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A Clojure (1.6+) interface to Cassandra Cluster Manager ( suitable for use in integration tests and creating arbitrary Cassandra Clusters. CCM-clj is courtesy of SMX ( where we have been using it for a couple of years to simplify development with Cassandra and Clojure. As a JVM library, it is however easily used with other languages [].

Current Version

Note: breaking change with 1.0. The ns moved from ccm-clj to ccm-clj.core for better Java integration (no longer using empty package).

Artifacts are released to Clojars. If you are using Maven, add the following repository definition to your pom.xml:


With Leiningen:

[com.smxemail/ccm-clj "1.1.0"]

With Maven:


CCM installation


brew install ccm

Otherwise see Requirements and Installation at x`

Note that local loopback aliasing may be required on OSX. I have /Library/LaunchDaemons/moreloopbacks.plist:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">

And then /usr/local/scripts/

for ((i=2;i<6;i++))
  sudo ifconfig lo0 alias 127.0.0.$i up


One line test cluster setup with auto-cluster!, args: name, version, number-of-nodes, map-of-keyspace-to-cql-re-paths

(ccm/auto-cluster! "test-cluster" "2.0.14" 3 ["schema/test-keyspace.cql"
                      {"my-keyspace" [#"schema/test.*schema.cql" #"schema/test.*data.cql"]})

Or for full fine-grained control:

(ns some-cassandra-test
  (:require [ccm-clj :as ccm]
            [ :as io]))

(if (not (ccm/cluster? "testcluster"))
    (ccm/new! "testcluster" cass-version num-nodes cql-port)
    (ccm/cql! (io/file "./test/resources/test-keyspace.cql"))
    (ccm/cql! (io/resource "schema/test-schema.cql") "testkeyspace")
    (ccm/cql! (io/file "./test/resources/test-data1.cql") "testkeyspace")
    (ccm/cql! (io/file "./test/resources/test-data2.cql") "testkeyspace"))
    (ccm/start! "testcluster")))
(ccm/remove! "testcluster")

Savepoints (New to 1.0):

(cql! "insert into testtable (id, data) values (99, 'tosurvive');")
(savepoint! "testsavepoint"))
(cql! "insert into testtable (id, data) values (100, 'torollback');")
(restore! "testsavepoint"))


  • This is NOT a CQL library it's for test cluster setup. Instead, use Alia or Cassaforte.
  • Similarly I don't intend to shadow every CCM function only to provide a useful integration API.
  • I test new releases on the current CCM, so you should upgrade CCM-clj and CCM at the same time.
  • Probably doesn't work on Windows. Patches welcome.
  • IPs from to 127.0.0.n will be used, this may require loopback aliasing see Installation.
  • Ports from cql-port to cql-port+3 will be assigned to CQL, thrift, JMX and storage respectively.
  • If you abort without cleanup, you may leave CassandraDaemon(s) running which you can stop from the repl (ccm/stop!) or in the shell ccm stop.
  • Using older versions of Cassandra may require Snappy-Java to be an explicit dependency due to
  • Error: Could not find or load main class org.apache.cassandra.service.CassandraDaemon might mean an interrupted download, try blowing away .ccm.

For more see the API in src/ccm_clj.clj or tests in test/ccm_clj_test.clj.

Tests Usage

lein all expectations


Colin Taylor at gmail.


Copyright © 2015 SMX Ltd ( and Contributors.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License.