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A Leiningen plugin thinly wrapping the CoffeeScript compiler.

The current implementation depends on lein-npm and lein-shell. It fetches a suitable coffee-script node package via lein-npm, and runs its coffee executable via lein-shell.


Put [lein-coffee "0.2.1"] into the :plugins vector of your project.clj.

lein-coffee adds hooks to the compile and jar tasks, so all you need to do is configure it in your project.clj.


lein-coffee accepts these parameters in your project.clj, shown here for a single invocation of the coffee executable:

{:compile-hook true ;; Invoke coffee at `lein compile`
 :jar-hook true ;; Invoke coffee at `lein jar`
 :coffee-version ">=1.6"
 {:sources ["src/main/coffee/"]
  :join "foo.js"
  :output "target/resources/lib/foo/js"
  :bare true
  :watch false ;; Run coffee with `-w` (you probably don't want this enabled here)

These correspond to a subset of the usual flags provided by the coffee executable.

You can also tell lein-coffee to run multiple passes of the coffee executable, by passing in a vector of :invocations:

{:compile-hook true ;; Invoke coffee at `lein compile`
 :jar-hook true ;; Invoke coffee at `lein jar`
 :coffee-version ">=1.6"
 {:bare true
  :watch false ;; Run coffee with `-w` (you definitely don't want this enabled here, or it will block)
  [{:sources ["src/main/coffee/"]
    :join "foo.js"
    :output "target/resources/lib/foo/js"
  {:sources ["src/main/coffee/foo/", "src/main/coffee/foo/"]
   :join "bar-baz.js"
   :output "target/resources/lib/foo/js"

Each invocation map inherits relevant default values from the :coffee config.


To run the compiler with the configured project settings

$ lein compile

Or, if you want to invoke coffee explicitly, which does the same thing

$ lein coffee

To run the just the coffee compiler in watch mode (this is preferred instead of :watch true in project.clj)

$ lein coffee watch

To run the coffee executable with arbitrary flags and arguments at the command line

$ lein coffee run --version

The last form can be useful in your project.clj with :prep-tasks or :aliases if you need a sophisticated invocation.


Copyright © 2014 SMX

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License.