ASP.NET MVC Web Application with Bootstrap Front End Framework
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ASP.NET MVC Web Application with Bootstrap Front End Framework

Contributed to a client project within a 2 week sprint timeline with a scrum team to work on the front-end architecture of the application. This is an ASP.NET MVC application run with Razor using C# in Visual Studio along with Team Foundation Server for version control. Things I worked on included the following:

  • Created Wireframes of Version 1 of the site (click on ARCHIVED PROJECTS COLLECTION):
  • Create dropdown and link View .cshtml pages into Navigation bar
  • Hand-code the Homepage with proper HTML/CSS and Bootstrap grid system
  • Research into open-source map design/platform tools and integrate Mapbox.js API

I helped lay the groundwork of the front-end side of the app while keeping scalability/maintainability in mind for future students to build upon the project. The scripts here are the pages I particulary worked on.

For more details on the project, you can read my blog post here.