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This is a parser for API Blueprint files in PHP.1


PHPDraft requires drafter to be installed. Refer to the drafter page for the installation details. If you don't want to install drafter, you can pass -o to the command to make it use


Requires PHP 7.0+ to run. Unittests require runkit or uopz For direct usage you can run:

$ ./phpdraft.phar -f blueprint-file.apib > blueprint-webpage.html

You can also install it first:

$ cp phpdraft.phar /usr/bin/phpdraft
$ chmod +x /usr/bin/phpdraft
$ phpdraft -f blueprint-file.apib > blueprint-webpage.html

Extra features

We got some fun stuff, check the wiki for more.

Writing API documentation

For writing API documentation using API Blueprint syntax. You can read about its specification.

Here's the example:


# Hello API

A simple API demo

# Group People

This section describes about the People

## Person [/people/{id}]

Represent particular Person

+ Parameters

    + id (required, string, `123`) ... The id of the Person.

+ Model (application/json)


### Retrieve Person [GET]

Return the information for the Person

+ Request (application/json)

    + Headers

        Authorization: Basic AbcdeFg=

+ Response 200 (application/json)


Building an executable

Install the binary dependencies with composer (composer install). Run phing phar or phing phar-nightly


This app usage the following libraries:


FOSSA Status