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This file lists the changes between Behave3d versions.
+ New feature
- Modified behavior
* Bugfix
v0.82b (2016-08-12)
+ Lib is now in NPM-ready format; built sources are now in folder dist/
v0.81b (2016-07-19)
+ Detecting of the CSS prefix used for the transform, transform-origin, transform-style, perspective and perspective-origin properties. Include script Behave3d_detectPrefixes.js before Behave3d.js.
- Code linted (ESlint used) and better commented
- Behave3d.Element.add() upon parameter return_references returns an array of controller references instead of only a reference to the first added controller
+ and Behave3d.Controller.removeEventHandler() methods added that remove event listeners
- Behave3d.debugExit() now doesn't alert(), only throws the error string
+ Behave3d.Controller.registerActions() now accepts value "reverse" for its actions_target parameter
- Behave3d.StepEngine's default options are now found in Behave3d.StepEngine.default_options instead of in the constructor
+ Behave3d.StepEngine.default_options.always_fire_start_end option added that tells if the step engine should fire "start" and "stop" events for movements with zero distance
* Behave3d.StepEngine.update() fixed to properly fire the "half" event
+ The actions() controller can now listen for (almost) all standard DOM events
* The actions() controller's default handling of the "show" action now remembers correctly the original value of the element's style.display property
+ The move() controller has a new param added (anti_perspective) that "skews" the Z-axis towards the camera
+ The property() controller can now animate colors in format #rrggbb (when suffix is "#")
v0.80b (2016-02-13)
+ First public version