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@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ produced maintained and distributed by the US Census Bureau.
#### Statistical Dissemination ([GSBPM]( 7.2)
- [SDMX Converter]( Converter between differnt versions of SDMX and formats such as CSV, FLR etc. from Eurostat.
- [SDMX-RI]( Framework for disseminating data in SDMX webservices from Eurostat.
- R package [rsdmx]( Writing SDMX from R.
- R package [rsdmx]( Read SDMX into R.
- [StatMiner](, Experimental visualization framework from Statistics Netherlands. [(github)](, [(demo)](
- [SDMX-JSON]( JSON variant of SDMX. This is still a candidate standard.
- [JSON-Stat]( Lightweight JSON based message format for statistical dissemination.

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