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olavtenbosch committed Jul 3, 2019
1 parent 5a1e012 commit 1f823de4438b0b1a92b42fb3f60e58f37159ff58
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@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ L <- L[-1]
# create main data.frame
x <- lapply(L,get_attributes)
out <-,lapply(L,get_attributes))
# View(out)
# clean up still existing links

out$platform <- replace_markdown_links(out$platform)
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
"design frame and sample","2.1","SamplingStrata","","R",". Optimal Stratification of Sampling Frames for Multipurpose Sampling Surveys.",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"design variable descriptions","2.2","SDMX Matrix Generator","","Excel",". Excel-based visual SDMX artefact authoring tool which generates SDMX-ML for upload into an SDMX repository such as a registry. By OECD.",TRUE,FALSE,FALSE
"sampling","4.1","sampling","","R",". Several algorithms
for drawing (complex) survey samples and calibrating design weights.",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"sampling","4.1","surveyplanning","","R",". Tools for sample survey planning, including sample size calculation, estimation of expected precision for the estimates of totals, and calculation of optimal sample size allocation.",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
@@ -15,7 +16,8 @@ for drawing (complex) survey samples and calibrating design weights.",TRUE,TRUE,
"data integration and record linkage","5.1","reclin","","R",". Functions to assist in performing probabilistic record linkage and deduplication: generating pairs, comparing records, em-algorithm for estimating m- and u-probabilities, forcing one-to-one matching. Can also be used for pre- and post-processing for machine learning methods for record linkage.",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"data integration and record linkage","5.1","RecordLinkage","","R",". Implementation of the Fellegi-Sunter method for record linkage.",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"data integration and record linkage","5.1","fastLink","","R",". Implements a Fellegi-Sunter probabilistic record linkage model that allows for missing data and the inclusion of auxiliary information. Documentation can be found on",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"data integration and record linkage","5.1","stringdist","","R"," and [fuzzyjoin]( allow for matching records based on inaccurate keys.",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"data integration and record linkage","5.1","stringdist","","R",". Implements approximate string matching. Supports various string distances (Damerau-Levenshtein, Hamming, Levenshtein, optimal sting alignment), qgrams (q- gram, cosine, jaccard distance) and heuristic metrics (Jaro, Jaro-Winkler). An implementation of soundex is provided as well.",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"data integration and record linkage","5.1","fuzzyjoin","","R",". Join tables based on exact or similar matches. Allows for matching records based on inaccurate keys.",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"data integration and record linkage","5.1","XBRL","","R",". Extraction of Business Financial Information from [XBRL]( Documents",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"statistical data editing and imputation","5.3 | 5.4","validate","","R",". Rule management and data validation.",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"statistical data editing and imputation","5.3 | 5.4","validatetools","","R",". Checking and simplifying sets of validation rules.",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE

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