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alexkowa committed Feb 6, 2020
1 parent ac8d121 commit 2fff33559e22ad439c7d88c6f61186d8b489911e
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@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ for drawing (complex) survey samples and calibrating design weights.",TRUE,TRUE,
"scraping for statistics","4.3","RobotTool","","Node.js",". A tool for checking (price) changes on the web. By Statistics Netherlands.",TRUE,FALSE,FALSE
"scraping for statistics","4.3","Social-Media-Presence","","Python",". A script for detecting social media presence on enterprises websites. By Statistics Poland.",TRUE,FALSE,FALSE
"scraping for statistics","4.3","Sustainability Reporting","","Python",". A script for measuring sustainability reporting from enterprises websites. By ONS.",TRUE,FALSE,FALSE
"scraping for statistics","4.3","S4Sroboto","","Node.js",". A crawler framework, derived from the general package [roboto]( extended with some functionalities for statistical scraping. By Statistics Netherlands",TRUE,FALSE,FALSE
"scraping for statistics","4.3","urlfinding","","Python",". Software for finding websites of enterprises using a search engine and machine learning. By Statistics Netherlands",TRUE,FALSE,FALSE
"process","5","blaise","","R",". Reading and writing Files in the Blaise Format from R. By Statistics Netherlands.",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"process","5","Java-VTL","","Java",". A partial implementation of the Validation Transformation Language, based on the VTL 1.1 draft specification. By Statistics Norway.",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"process","5","ADaMSoft","","Java"," implements procedures for data analysis, data, web and text mining. Also contains procedures for data validation and imputation, based on the principle of Fellegi and Holt.",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
@@ -31,7 +31,6 @@ for drawing (complex) survey samples and calibrating design weights.",TRUE,TRUE,
- Advanced visualisation of missing data patterns
- Imputation using (robust) linear regression methods
- Imputation using several donor-based methods (kNN, hot-deck)",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"statistical data editing and imputation","5.3 | 5.4","VIMGUI","","R",". Graphical frontend to [VIM](",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"statistical data editing and imputation","5.3 | 5.4","simputation","","R",". Simple imputation: many methods using a uniform interface following the [tidy tools manifesto](
- Allows to easily combiny many imputation methods/strategies.
- Supports regression (standard, M-estimation, ridge/lasso/elasticnet), hot-deck methods (powered by [VIM](, randomForest, EM-based, and iterative randomForest imputation. Reuse of fitted models and definition of simple user-defined methods are supported as well.",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE

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