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markvanderloo committed May 29, 2019
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@@ -154,6 +154,8 @@ web-based GUI.
- R package [nsoApi]( builds on other packages to access data from official statistics and tries to harmonize the API.
- R package [CANSIM2R]( Extract CANSIM (Statistics Canada) tables and transform them into readily usable data.
- Python package [pyscbwrapper]( Access to the open data API of the Swedish Statistical Institute
- R package [pxweb]( Generic interface for the PX-Web/PC-Axis API used by many National Statistical Agencies.
- R package [PxWebApiData]( Easy API access to e.g. Statistics Norway, Statistics Sweden and Statistics Finland.
- R package [rdbnomics]( Access to the [DB.nomics database]( which provide macroeconomic data from 38 official providers such as INSEE, Eurostat, Wolrd bank, etc.
- R package [readabs]( Download data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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