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donthebike committed Nov 20, 2017
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@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ for drawing (complex) survey samples and calibrating design weights.
- Java application [URLSearcher]( An application for searching Urls. Can be used to find websites of enterprise. By ISTAT.
- Java application [URLScorer]( Gives a rule based score to scraped documents in a Solr database. By ISTAT.
- node.js tool [RobotTool]( A tool for checking price changes on the web. By Statistics Netherlands.
- Python script [Social-Media-Presence]( A script for detecting social media presence on enterprises websites. By Statistics Poland.
- node.js package [S4Sroboto]( A crawler framework, derived from the general package [roboto]( extended with some functionalities for statistical scraping. By Statistics Netherlands

#### Process ([GSBPM]( 5)

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