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remove VIMGUI from list (archived on CRAN)

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alexkowa committed Feb 6, 2020
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@@ -66,7 +66,6 @@ for drawing (complex) survey samples and calibrating design weights.
- Advanced visualisation of missing data patterns
- Imputation using (robust) linear regression methods
- Imputation using several donor-based methods (kNN, hot-deck)
- R package [VIMGUI]( Graphical frontend to [VIM](
- R package [simputation]( Simple imputation: many methods using a uniform interface following the [tidy tools manifesto](
- Allows to easily combiny many imputation methods/strategies.
- Supports regression (standard, M-estimation, ridge/lasso/elasticnet), hot-deck methods (powered by [VIM](, randomForest, EM-based, and iterative randomForest imputation. Reuse of fitted models and definition of simple user-defined methods are supported as well.

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