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Platform corrections for JDemetra+. R packages RJDemetra and tempdisa…
…gg added. (#15)
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djhurio authored and markvanderloo committed Feb 21, 2019
1 parent dfc5489 commit d1db059ff65feac2a68738d1378e091fde4ece1c
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@@ -2,3 +2,4 @@
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ View(out)
out$platform <- replace_markdown_links(out$platform)

out$Windows <- TRUE
out$Mac <- out$platform %in% c('R',"Java","node.js","npm")
out$Mac <- out$platform %in% c("R","Java","node.js","npm")
out$linux <- out$Mac

@@ -91,7 +91,9 @@ based on (robust) maximum likelihood estimation.
produced maintained and distributed by the US Census Bureau.
- R package [seasonal]( Interface to the `X13-ARIMA-SEATS` program from R with a very nice shiny GUI.
- R package [x12]( Alternative interface to the `X13-ARIMA-SEATS` program from R with a focus on batch processing time series.
- [JDemetra+]( The seasonal adjustment software officially recommended for the European Statistical System.
- Java application [JDemetra+]( The seasonal adjustment software officially recommended for the European Statistical System.
- R package [RJDemetra]( R interface to JDemetra+.
- R package [tempdisagg]( methods for temporal disaggregation and interpolation of time series.

#### Output validation ([GSBPM]( 6.2)
- R package [validate]( Rule management and data validation.
@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@
"scraping for statistics","4.3","S4Sroboto","","node.js",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"data integration and record linkage","5.1","reclin","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"data integration and record linkage","5.1","RecordLinkage","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"data integration and record linkage","5.1","fastLink","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"data integration and record linkage","5.1","stringdist","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
@@ -36,11 +37,15 @@
"time series and seasonal adjustment","5.6 | 5.7","X-13ARIMA-SEATS","","X-13ARIMA-SEATS",TRUE,FALSE,FALSE
"time series and seasonal adjustment","5.6 | 5.7","seasonal","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"time series and seasonal adjustment","5.6 | 5.7","x12","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"time series and seasonal adjustment","5.6 | 5.7","JDemetra+","","JDemetra+",TRUE,FALSE,FALSE
"time series and seasonal adjustment","5.6 | 5.7","JDemetra+","","Java",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"time series and seasonal adjustment","5.6 | 5.7","RJDemetra","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"time series and seasonal adjustment","5.6 | 5.7","tempdisagg","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"output validation","6.2","validate","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"statistical disclosure control","6.4","Argus","","Argus",TRUE,FALSE,FALSE
"statistical disclosure control","6.4","sdcMicro","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"statistical disclosure control","6.4","sdcTable","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"statistical disclosure control","6.4","easySdcTable","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"statistical disclosure control","6.4","SmallCountRounding","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"statistical disclosure control","6.4","simPop","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"statistical dissemination","7.2","SDMX Converter","","[SDMX",TRUE,FALSE,FALSE
"statistical dissemination","7.2","SDMX-RI","","SDMX-RI.",TRUE,FALSE,FALSE
@@ -64,4 +69,6 @@
"access to official statistics","7.4","rjstat","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"access to official statistics","7.4","censusapi","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"access to official statistics","7.4","nsoApi","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"access to official statistics","7.4","CANSIM2R","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"access to official statistics","7.4","pyscbwrapper","","Python",TRUE,FALSE,FALSE
"access to official statistics","7.4","readabs","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE

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