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TheOdinProject Web Dev Course
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the_odin_project - google homepage project

TheOdinProject - HTML+CSS Fundamentals Project

Nasser Ahmed's Solution (Easy) - View in Browser

Some notes: I viewed the webpage again on my laptop since I was using a desktop to develop this mainly with a ultrawide monitor. From viewing on the laptop (and on theodinproject site) theres additional space under the footer.

This is due to the container being set to min-height of 900px, changing the height to 100vh/100% fixes this on viewing on the laptop, however the search section overlaps on the GOOGLE logo.

Using chrome dev tools here is the solution I came up with for when I viewed it on my laptop:

.container { width: 100%; position: relative; height: 100vh; overflow: auto; }

.search-section { ... ... top: 150px; ... }

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