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AdvancedFlagging started as a set of modular typescript tools to aid with StackExchange UserScripts. It has support for:

  • Smokey / MetaSmoke
  • Natty / Sentinel
  • GenericBot
  • Guttenberg / CopyPastor
  • Chat
  • Stack Exchange API
  • Cross domain caching


This code uses different bits and pieces from the following sources:


Click one of the following links to install it via your favourite userscript tool:

Currently, only TamperMonkey is officially supported

What does it do?

AdvancedFlagging adds icons from Smokey, Natty and Guttenberg to posts which have been reported. In addition, flags made through the AdvancedFlagging interface are reported to Natty, Smokey, Guttenberg and GenericBot if required.


The interface looks like this:
Picture of the interface

'Leave Comment' is ticked by default if there are no comments beneath the post to avoid comment spam. This is only available on Stack Overflow.

'Flag' is always ticked by default. Unticking this box will not post a flag to StackExchange when an action is taken. Feedback to all sources will, however, still be sent.

'Looks Fine' reports a false positive to both Smokey, Natty and Guttenberg if they reported the post. 'Needs editing' reports to Natty if it was reported, and false positive to Smokey.

These options add an additional icon to the post:

Picture of green tick

To indicate that the feedback was sent. All feedback sent provides a banner notification (see above) to confirm it was successfully sent.

Report icons

Posts reported by each source will have an icon appended to the post. For example, here, Natty reported a post, and we've flagged it.

Natty reported and flagged


Smokey Icon


Natty Icon


Guttenberg Icon

Specialized reports

Guttenberg reports

When Guttenberg has detected a post, two additional options appear in the dropdown:

Dropdown with Guttenberg

Either of these links ('Plagiarism' or 'Duplicate answer') will send true positive feedback for all reports detected for this post. This is likely going to change in the future, but for simplicitly, this is how it'll work at the moment. These links will raise the following custom flags:

  • Plagiarism

Possible plagiarism of another answer [first linked question], as can be seen here [first Guttenberg report]

No comment will be left for the OP

  • Duplicate answer

The answer is a repost of their other answer [first linked question], but as there are slight differences as seen here [first Guttenberg report], an auto flag wouldn't be raised.

The following comment will also be left:

Please don't add the same answer to multiple questions. Answer the best one and flag the rest as duplicates, once you earn enough reputation. If it is not a duplicate, [edit] the answer and tailor the post to the question.

'Looks fine', 'Needs editing', 'Vandalism' and any NAA response will register as a false positive to Guttenberg.


AdvancedFlagging has a link to its configuration panel found at the bottom of StackExchange pages:

Picture of link to configuration

Clicking it opens the following modal box:

Picture of configuration box


Watch for manual flags

Manual flags will be watched, and feedback will be sent (where applicable).

Watch for queue responses

Responses in the Low Quality Posts queue will be watched, and feedback will be sent (where applicable)


Here, you can choose which flag options are present in the dropdown. This allows us to create far more options for flagging, without cluttering up the page for users who aren't interested in using them.


Clear MetaSmoke Configuration

Resets all MetaSmoke configuration, including tokens

Get MetaSmoke key

Redirects to MetaSmoke's oauth login. Used for manual key setup.

Manually register MetaSmoke key

Present dialog box to manually input MetaSmoke key



npm install -g concat-cli
npm install -g typescript


npm run build

The distributable file is found under /dist/AdvancedFlagging.user.js or /dist/AdvancedFlagging.min.user.js and can be pasted directly into tamper monkey.


Userscript to highlight reported posts, and send feedback to Smokey, Natty, Guttenberg and GenericBot




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