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On Hinduism.SE, users have to cite some authentic sources while answering questions. In other words, users have to backup their answers with someone authentic sources.

According to the Official policy of deleting answers that don't cite any sources, whenever an answer is found that does not cite any authentic sources, it is commented as follows:

"You should cite some sources..."

and/or the post is annotated with

"citation needed".

post notice.

It is useful if we draw attention towards unsourced answers for following purpose:

  1. It can either be improved by including sources i.e users can help OP in finding and citing sources.

  2. Or such answers may need to be verified and may needs to be removed if they are misleading since we don't allow personal opinions.

We have some 'happy to help!' users in a chatroom who are happy to guide other users. They can help us to serve above mentioned purposes.

So, I'm thinking to write a chat bot which can do (at least) either of following functions.

Post messages (based on) with link to those post which are:

  1. Commented with specific string e.g "cite sources"
  2. Annotated with "citation need" post notice

in a specific chat room.

Further functionalities may be added and bot may be improved but presently I'm looking for writing a bot that can do the above mentioned functions.