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Here are the commands available in the Swift version. Room owners and moderators implicitly have all privileges.


  • help links to this page.

  • location prints the location of all the instances running.

  • quota returns the current API quota.

  • say ... repeats whatever you asked it to say.

  • running commands lists the currently running commands.

  • leave room or leave leaves the room in which the command is ran. Requires the owner privilege.

  • stop, halt, shutdown, or shut down stops the bot. Requires the owner privilege.

  • reboot or restart stops and then starts the bot. Requires the owner privilege.

  • kill crashes the bot. Requires the owner privilege.

  • update downloads the bot's source, compiles it, and reboots if a newer version is available on GitHub. You can force an update even if no new version is available by running update force. Requires the owner privilege.

  • alive, status, or version displays a status message.

  • privilege <usernameOrProfileLink> <privilegeLevel> gives privilegeLevel to the specified user. Requires the owner privilege.

  • unprivilege <usernameOrProfileLink> <privilegeLevel> removes privilegeLevel from the specified user. Requires the owner privilege.

  • privileges returns your privileges.


  • check post runs a post through the filter.

  • notify, opt in, or opt-in will ping you for reports. The notifications can be customized:

    • notify tags <tags>, opt in tags <tags>, or opt-in tags <tags> will ping you you for reports tagged <tags>.

    • notify <reason> will notify you of questions which were reported because of <reason> instead of the machine-learning filter. The available reasons are misleading links (which are links like and username (which will notify you for blacklisted usernames).

  • opt out or opt-out will disable notifications for the specified reasons or tags, or all notifications if none are specified. It's syntax is the same as that of notify.

  • notified, opted in or several other variants will tell you if you have opted in and to which tags.

  • blu, blacklist user, or blacklist username will report all questions whose username matches the provided regular expression. Requires the filter privilege.

  • blacklisted usernames or blacklisted users returns the blacklisted usernames.

  • unblacklist username, unblacklist user, unblu, or rmblu removes an entry from the username blacklist. Requires the filter privilege.

  • check threshold, threshold or several other variations return the threshold for the room.

  • set threshold, change threshold or several other variations change the threshold to the specified threshold in arguments. Requires the filter privilege.

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