Interacting with the bot

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General commands

These are the available commands:

alive           - Returns a test reply to inform that the bot is alive
check           - Checks a post for plagiarism: check <answer url>
clear           - Tells the bot that everything is okay, after he warned that some executions failed
opt-in          - Get notified about possible plagiarism with a certain score. Usage: `opt-in <score> <always?>`
opt-out         - Removed you from the list
quota           - Returns the remaining api-quota
say             - Echoes the user input
status          - Returns statistics about the current status
update          - Checks if an update is available
reboot          - Reboots Guttenberg. Usage: `reboot <soft|hard>`
commands        - Returns the list of commands associated with this bot

Note about the "clear" command:

This command won't fix any issues. It just resets the variable that prevents Guttenberg from asking for help multiple times in a row like this:

Please help me! The last successful execution finished at 2017-02-01T00:00:00.088Z

Reboot command:

There are two options for this command. soft will reset all scheduled executors. hard will shut down Guttenberg and launch a new process. If no option is specified, Guttenberg will choose soft. Only moderators and room owners can use this command.

Sending feedback

Users can reply to a report with k or f. The feedback is logged on CopyPator, and Guttenberg will edit the report to indicate that someone checked that post.

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