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Bot that tracks the New Answers to Old Questions tool and reports the flag worthy answers.
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Background and History

The New Answers to Old Questions tool helps us find all new answers to questions that are 30 days old. However, there's an issue with the tool: It's not real time. There are requests on Stack Overflow Meta to not only make it real time, but there are also request to enhance the tool to add more features to it. However, these requests have not yet been implemented.

Why do we need the bot?

This project aims to not only overcome the issue of the tool not being real time, but also to allow users under 10,000 reputation to be able to take a look and help to moderate the new answers to old questions.


The Project is running in the SOBotics room. A sample image of a report is

Sample Image


You need to just clone the directory and run the setup file.

git clone

It will ask you for a set of data and then create the jar which you can run.

You can read more (including the complete setup) at the Natty Docs on

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