A userscript that allows convenient feedback on comments to the HeatDetector bot in SOBotics
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Queen Reporter is a small userscript that adds a flag listener to comment flags on stackoverflow and reports them to HeatDetector in the SOBotics SO-Chat room.


Follow the browser-specific instructions below. If you installed it correctly, a new icon should have appeared next to comments on stackoverflow:

When you click on it, you can give a quick feedback in the popup. This will NOT flag the post accordingly!

Further automatic feedback will be sent when flagging a comment. Choosing one using the icon is not necessary after!
Currently the automatic feedback is as follows:

Flagname Feedback sent
harassment/bigotry/abuse tp
unfriendly or unkind nc
no longer needed fp
something else -

The flagging dialog contains a checkbox that can be used to disable automatic feedback for that comment:

Chrome / Firefox

  1. Install TamperMonkey for Chrome / for Firefox or Greasemonkey for FF
  2. Click to install
  3. Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey should open up and give you the option to install the extension


This was written and tested with Tampermonkey 4.6.5757. If you are using Greasemonkey, please inform me about possible issues and I will see if I can get it fixed.


  • Get consent about positioning of the icon and move if needed
  • Only show icon when the mouse is over the comment like upvote and flag icon (All other icons are now always visble as well. Thanks SO!)