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  1. SOCVFinder

    Queen, search and report question to for cv review and scan comments for Heat

    Java 20 10

  2. Natty

    Bot that tracks the New Answers to Old Questions tool and reports the flag worthy answers.

    Java 22 10

  3. FireAlarm

    A Stack Exchange chatbot to catch low-quality posts.

    Swift 14 8

  4. Guttenberg

    A bot, searching for plagiarism on Stack Overflow.

    Java 15 7

  5. SwiftChatSE

    A Swift framework for creating chatbots for Stack Exchange.

    Swift 11 4

  6. Nursery

    A place to suggest and collaborate on new bot ideas.

4 results for repositories written in C#
  • An unofficial library for interacting with Stack Exchange chat, and the API.

    C# 2 1 WTFPL Updated Dec 1, 2018
  • A generic dashboard for viewing and providing feedback to SOBotics bots.

    C# 5 GPL-3.0 Updated Nov 27, 2018
  • API to store and retrieve reports

    C# 1 1 WTFPL Updated Nov 3, 2018
  • An experimental duplicate question search algorithm for Stack Exchange.

    C# 1 WTFPL Updated Apr 21, 2018

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