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sql &lt;&lt; "delete from companies where id = " &lt;&lt; id;
<h3>Query transformation</h3>
<p>In SOCI 3.2.0, query transformation mechanism was introduced.</p>
<p>Query transformation is specified as user-defined unary function or callable
function object with input parameter of type <code>std::string</code> which
returns object of type <code>std::string</code> as well.</p>
<p>The query transformation function is registered for current database session
using dedicated <code>session::set_query_transformation</code> method.
Then, the transformation function is called with query string as argument
just before the query is sent to database backend for execution or for
<p>For one-time statements, query transformation is performed before
each execution of statement. For prepared statements, query is transformed
only once, before preparation, regardless how many times it is executed.</p>
<p>A few short examples how to use query transformation:</p>
<ul><li>defined as free function:</li></ul>
<pre class="example">
std::string less_than_ten(std::string query)
return query + " WHERE price < 10";
session sql(postgresql, "dbname=mydb");
sql &lt;&lt; "DELETE FROM item";
<ul><li>defined as function object:</li></ul>
<pre class="example">
struct order : std::unary_function&lt;std::string, std::string&gt;
order(std::string const& by) : by_(by) {}
result_type operator()(argument_type query) const
return query + " ORDER BY " + by_;
std::string by_;
char const* query = "SELECT * FROM product";
sql &lt;&lt; query;
sql &lt;&lt; query;
<ul><li>defined as lambda function (since C++11):</li></ul>
<pre class="example">
std::string dep = "sales";
[&dep](std::string const& query) {
return query + " WHERE department = '" + dep + "'";
sql &lt;&lt; "SELECT * FROM employee";
<p>Query transformations enable users with simple mechanism to apply extra
requirements to or interact with SQL statement being executed and that is
without changing the SQL statement itself which may be passed from different
parts of application.</p>
<p>For example, the query transformation may be used to:</p>
<li>modify or add clauses of SQL statements (i.e. <code>WHERE</code>
clause with new condition)</li>
<li>prefix table names with new schema to allow namespaces switch</li>
<li>validate SQL statements</li>
<li>perform sanitization checking for any unverified input</li>
<li>apply database-specific features like add optimization hints to SQL
statements (i.e. <code>SELECT /*+RULE*/ A FROM C</code> in Oracle 9)</li>
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