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What is EMF-REST?

EMF-REST generates truly RESTful APIs for your EMF models. EMF-REST complements the existing (Java-based) API generation facilities EMF already provides and extends them to the Web.

Thanks to EMF-REST, web developers can quickly get a JSON-based RESTful API derived from their models plus a JavaScript library to simplify the interaction with the API.

  • EMF-REST automatically creates a RESTful API conforming to the JAX-RS specification that can be automatically deployed in your application server.Generation of REST services in the server based on the Java JAX-RS specification.
  • All the communication with the API is done via JSON objects. Currently, these objects are then stored as XML files in the server.
  • EMF-REST also generates a JavaScript library to facilitate the management of the API on the client-side (e.g. use of the dot notation for navigation).

What is coming next?

We are currently working hard on:

  • Model management support (e.g., creating/deleting models by the API)
  • Storage configuration (currently only file-based in supported)
  • Access control management
  • Configuration of the generated API
  • Definition of how model elements have to be serialized.

Who is behind EMF-REST?

Can I collaborate?

Absolutely!. EMF-REST is licensed under the EPL license so feel free to contribute.

How can I follow the latest news about EMF-REST?

All major announcements will be posted in the portal. You can also follow our @softmodeling and @jlcanovas twitter accounts for updates (or just email us whenever you want).