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What is this project about?

This project aims at providing support for defining the governance rules which are applied when making decisions in software development processes.

The tool under development uses Mylyn to connect potentially any tracking system and apply the governance rules to the defined tasks.

Current support

  • Domain Specific Language to define governance rules
  • Eclipse plugin to provide the collaborative inrfastructure needed to track the collaborations around the tasks
  • New view in Eclipse to allow users to collaborate and vote for/against tasks
  • Decision Engine to apply governance rules to collaborations
  • Integration with Mylyn to accept/reject tasks according to the result of governance rules

What is coming next?

  • Add support for OCL-based deadlines
  • Add support for metadata filtering


For the moment, the tool is under heavy development but you can download the plugin projects located in the repository. To try the tool you have to launch the project fr.inria.atlanmod.decision.ui as an Eclipse application. The plugin defines a new view (i.e., Decision view) where the collaboration can be performed.

If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us.

Who is behind this project?

Javier and Jordi work in Atlandmod, a research team of Inria.