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Simple Object Machine

SOM is a family of VMs for a minimal Smalltalk Dialect

Pinned repositories

  1. Forked from smarr/SOM

    SOM - Simple Object Machine

    ANTLR 34 5

  2. Forked from smarr/TruffleSOM

    A SOM Smalltalk implemented on top of Oracle's Truffle Framework

    Java 18 3

  3. Forked from smarr/JsSOM

    JsSOM - The SOM (Simple Object Machine) Smalltalk implemented in JavaScript

    JavaScript 13

  4. Forked from smarr/som-java

    SOM - Simple Object Machine (plain Java implementation)

    Java 8 4

  5. Moth Archived

    Forked from gracelang/Moth

    Self-Optimizing Grace from Optimizing Newspeak


  6. SOMns Archived

    Forked from smarr/SOMns

    SOMns: A Newspeak for Concurrency Research



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