JsSOM - The SOM (Simple Object Machine) Smalltalk implemented in JavaScript
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JsSOM - The SOM (Simple Object Machine) Smalltalk implemented in JavaScript


SOM is a minimal Smalltalk dialect used to teach VM construction. It was originally built at the University of Århus (Denmark) where it was used for teaching and as the foundation for Resilient Smalltalk. Later is was also used for instance at the Hasso Plattner Institute (Potsdam, Germany).

In addition to JsSOM, other implementations exist for Java (SOM, TruffleSOM), C (CSOM), C++ (SOM++), Python (PySOM), RPython (RPySOM, RTruffleSOM) and Squeak/Pharo Smalltalk (AweSOM).

A simple Hello World looks like:

Hello = (
  run = (
    'Hello World!' println.

This repository contains a JavaScript-based implementation of SOM, including SOM's standard library and a number of examples. JsSOM is a simple abstract syntax tree interpreter. It isn't optimized or tuned for performance. However, some aspects were easier to implement by doing node-replacement in a self-optimizing interpreter style.

To clone the repository, please use the --recursive option to load all submodules:

$ git clone --recursive https://github.com/SOM-st/JsSOM.git

JsSOM's tests can be executed with:

$ make  # note, it will download the Google Closure compiler
$ ./som.sh -cp Smalltalk TestSuite/TestHarness.som

A simple Hello World program is executed with:

$ ./som.sh -cp Smalltalk Examples/Hello.som

This code is distributed under the MIT License. Please see the LICENSE file for details. JsSOM uses BigInteger.js to support arbitrary-length integer operations. To build JsSOM, you'll further need PyYAML.

Build Status

Thanks to Travis CI, all commits of this repository are tested. The current build status is: Build Status