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mj380 Add link to webpage about disadvantages of extended WSPR, and hide 6 …
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6 char locator tx checkbox is now only shown if a 6 char locator has already been entered, and the callsign is a basic one (for compound callsigns the 6 char locator is always transmitted).
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A program to adjust the settings of a WSPRlite device ( ).

License: GPLv3+


Instructions and compiled executables can be found at


You may need to install the "CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP" driver manually. Download drivers here.

The config program as published on is statically linked, so should not need any extra DLLs.


If the config program runs but cannot communicate with the WSPRlite, you may need to add yourself to a specific group (e.g. dialout or uucp) so that you can access the USB device. See doc/ for details.



  • cmake
  • g++
  • git-core
  • wxWidgets (package name is usually something like libwxgtk3.0-dev)
  • libserialport (v0.1.1 or later). Note that the current Debian stable version of libserialport is too old (v0.1.0), so on some distributions you may need to compile it from source code.

Getting the source code

git clone
cd WSPRliteConfig
git submodule update --init


mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Remember to run git submodule update --init first.


This program uses some modern C++ features. This means it might or might not successfully compile in Visual Studio.

Libraries used

CRC++ and cppcodec are header only libraries and are set up as git submodules in this repository, so should not need to be installed in order to compile the config program. libserialport and wxWidgets (and their development packages if applicable) need to be installed to compile the program.