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A number of useful ArmA 3 scripting functions to help mission designers.
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ArmA Scripts

These are a number of useful scripts for mission designers. They provide everything from a realtime map (for example, from a UAV) to automatic support vehicle waypoints and logic. All scripts have been designed to be used with the new ArmA 3 function framework, giving you a number of advantages including anti-hack protection.


Using these scripts is really, really easy. Simply copy the contents of the description.ext file into your mission's description.ext file (if you have one) and copy the functions folder into your mission folder. Save your mission in the editor, and you should be able to start using the functions right away.

You can find your mission folder in %MyDocuments%\ArmA 3\missions.


If you've got something you'd like to contribute, please go ahead and open a pull request/issue and I'll get right on it.




Provides markers on a player's map indicating the positions of units satisfying a condition. By default, displays hostile units with an update interval of 10 seconds.


// Default Parameters
[true, 10, { side _x != side player }, "mil_dot"] call Sierra_fnc_PositionMarkers;

// Only show group leaders
[true, 10, { leader group _x == _x }, "mil_triangle"] call Sierra_fnc_PositionMarkers;


  • enabled Set to true to enable the map markers, or false to disable them for all connected clients.
  • interval The amount of time to wait between client side updates. Server will update unit status (alive/dead) twice as often.
  • condition Code to execute to determine whether a unit should be displayed on the player's map. Only checked when the command is first executed, to update you should call the command again.
  • style The icon to use for each unit



Allows a unit to be used to provide support on request. Essentially a more realistic version of a rearm script, since the vehicle will drive to the requested unit's position and wait for that unit to leave the position before it leaves. Takes into account the possibility that the requesting unit leaves the position before the support vehicle arrives, and allows configuration of the home base for the support vehicle.


// Default Parameters
[support_vehicle, getPosATL support_vehicle, true, true] call Sierra_fnc_SupportVehicleInit;

// Set a marker as the home base
[support_vehicle, getMarkerPos "depot", true, true] call Sierra_fnc_SupportVehicleInit;

// Allow the vehicle to be destroyed
[support_vehicle, getPosATL support_vehicle, false, true] call Sierra_fnc_SupportVehicleInit;

// Allow the vehicle to run out of supplies
[support_vehicle, getPosATL support_vehicle, true, false] call Sierra_fnc_SupportVehicleInit;


  • vehicle The vehicle which should provide support when requested. Should be AI controlled, however I guess it would work with a player as well.
  • home_position The position that the vehicle should return to when finished providing support.
  • invincible Whether or not the vehicle and crew will be invincible. Recommended you set this to false for vehicles capable of engaging the enemy.
  • infinite Whether or not the vehicle's supplies will be infinite. Useful if you are resupplying a tank, which can easily empty an Ammo Truck.


Paired with the Sierra_fnc_SupportVehicleInit function, this allows you to provide support to a unit. This is the function that should be called when you wish to have support called in, and it will task the specified support vehicle to move to the given position.


// Default Parameters
[support_vehicle, player, 50] call Sierra_fnc_SupportVehicleRequest;

// Provide support to a specific unit
[support_vehicle, unit, 50] call Sierra_fnc_SupportVehicleRequest;

// Set a different "arrival" radius
[support_vehicle, player, 20] call Sierra_fnc_SupportVehicleRequest;


  • vehicle The support vehicle which should be tasked to the target location
  • target The unit to which the support vehicle should move
  • radius The radius within which the support vehicle will "see" the target unit


Often, especially in large battles, your frontline will move. It is generally useful to be able to shift your supply depot location to ensure that your support vehicles arrive in a timely manner when called. This function allows you to "migrate" your support vehicles to a new home position.


// Default parameters
[support_vehicle, getPosATL support_vehicle] call Sierra_fnc_SupportVehicleMigrate;

// Set the new home base to a marker position
[support_vehicle, getMarkerPos "new_marker"] call Sierra_fnc_SupportVehicleMigrate;

// Move a number of support vehicles at once
[[support1, support2, support3], getMarkerPos "new_marker"] call Sierra_fnc_SupportVehicleMigrate;


  • vehicles Support vehicle(s) to migrate to the new home position. Will update the positon that it returns to when finished providing support to this new position as well.
  • new_position The new position that these support vehicles should return to when finished.


These scripts are all provided under the MIT Licence, which basically means that you are free to use and modify them however you like under the condition that you do not hold me liable for any problems you (or your users) encounter, and that you mention me as the source.

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