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SPA workshop application

This is application which will be developed during SPA workshop. To run both parts of application (frontend and backend) you have to prepare Python virtualenv with all requirements. First of all we need to install Python 3.4 and Git.

Install Python

Linux (Ubuntu):

$ apt-get install python3

Mac OS X (with brew):

$ brew install python3

Check Python version - it should be 3.4:

$ python3 --version
Python 3.4.1

For more details you should check this tutorial.

Install Git

Linux (Ubuntu):

$ apt-get install git

Mac OS X (with brew):

$ brew install git

Install application requirements

Create directory for all workshop files:

$ mkdir spaworkshop

Clone SPA workshop repository (inside spaworkshop directory):

~/spaworkshop $ git clone

Create Python virtual environment (you will find more info about virtualenv installation and usage here):

~/spaworkshop $ python3 -m venv workshopenv

Activate newly created virtual environment:

~/spaworkshop $ source workshopenv/bin/activate

Install Python requirements:

 ~/spaworkshop (workshopenv) $ pip install -r app/backend/requirements.txt

Create JavaScript virtual environment inside Python virtual environment (this can take a few minutes):

 ~/spaworkshop (workshopenv) $ ./workshopenv/bin/nodeenv -p

Install JavaScript global development requirements:

~/spaworkshop (workshopenv) $ ./workshopenv/bin/npm install -g bower gulp

Install JavaScript local development requirements (don't worry about node-gyp installation errors - it's optional dependency):

~/spaworkshop/app/frontend (workshopenv) $ ../../workshopenv/bin/npm install

Install frontend application requirements:

~/spaworkshop/app/frontend (workshopenv) $ ../../workshopenv/bin/bower install

That's all!

Run backend application

Create local database:

~/spaworkshop/app/backend (workshopenv) $ ./ migrate

Fill database wih testing data:

~/spaworkshop/app/backend (workshopenv) $ ./ filldb

Run development server:

~/spaworkshop/app/backend (workshopenv) $ ./ runserver

Run frontend application

Run development server (in another terminal, remember to activate virtualenv):

~/spaworkshop/app/fronted (workshopenv) $ ../../workshopenv/bin/gulp serve


There is no pip inside your virtualenv

You are trying to install Python requirements and you have problem with permissions, e.g.:

OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/...'

There could be many reasons:

  1. You are outside virtualenv (check above how to activate virtualenv).
  2. Virtualenv was created with wrong version of Python. You have to use Python 3.4. Check current Python version inside virtualenv with following command: python --version.
  3. You are using Ubuntu - check this bug. In this case you should install virtualenv separately and create virtualenv with command virtualenv -p python3 workshopenv.

You couldn't install node.js inside virtualenv

You are trying to install node.js with nodenv -p command and you have following error:

OSError: Python >=3.0 virtualenv detected, but no python2 command (required for building node.js) was found

Unfortunately, nodenv required python2 command within your PATH. If you don't have python2, but there is python2.7, please create this link:

$ sudo ln -s `which python2.7` $(dirname `which python2.7`)/python2

You have problem with node.js requirements

You are trying to install node.js requirements (npm install) and you have following errors:

npm ERR! EEXIST, open '~/.npm/5cde87d1-npm-gulp-util-2-2-20-package-tgz.lock'
File exists: ~/.npm/5cde87d1-npm-gulp-util-2-2-20-package-tgz.lock
Move it away, and try again. 

You could try to remove node_modules folder, clean cache, and install everything again:

~/spaworkshop/app/frontend (workshopenv) $ rm -r node_modules
~/spaworkshop/app/frontend (workshopenv) $ ../../workshopenv/bin/npm cache clean
~/spaworkshop/app/frontend (workshopenv) $ ../../workshopenv/bin/npm install

If this doesn't solve the problem, try downgrade npm to 1.3 version:

~/spaworkshop/app/frontend (workshopenv) $ ../../workshopenv/bin/npm -g install npm@1.3

... or upgrade to 2.1:

~/spaworkshop/app/frontend (workshopenv) $ ../../workshopenv/bin/npm -g install npm@2.1

After npm downgrade/upgrade repeat all above steps (remove node_modules folder, clean cache, install requirements).