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Specfem3D Globe


SPECFEM3D_GLOBE simulates global and regional (continental-scale) seismic wave propagation. The program xspecfem3D from SPECFEM3D_GLOBE is a 3-D spectral-element solver for the Earth, Moon or Mars. It uses a conforming cubed-sphere mesh of hexahedra generated by program xmeshfem3D.

SPECFEM3D_GLOBE was founded by Dimitri Komatitsch and Jeroen Tromp, and is now being developed by a large, collaborative, and inclusive community. A complete list of authors can be found at


Instructions on how to install and use SPECFEM3D_GLOBE are available in the

For a quick test, run the default example with these commands:

./configure FC=gfortran CC=gcc MPIFC=mpif90
make all
cd EXAMPLES/regional_Greece_small/

and check the output files in ./OUTPUT_FILES/

NOTE: Do not modify the 'configure' script directly. Please modify the '' file instead, and generate a new 'configure' script with the command: autoreconf -i


Actions Status Travis Status Azure Status codecov Documentation Status License: GPL v3

Development is hosted on GitHub in the SPECFEM/specfem3d_globe repository.

SPECFEM3D_GLOBE is a community project that lives by the participation of its members — i.e., including you! It is our goal to build an inclusive and participatory community so we are happy that you are interested in participating! We have collected a set of guidelines and advice on how to get involved in the community and keep them in the specfem3d github wiki: specfem3d wiki

Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics (CIG)

SPECFEM3D_GLOBE is part of the software that is hosted by the Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics (CIG). It is available on the CIG website here (SPECFEM3D_GLOBE).